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Cardio Sil

Nutritional supplement designed for people with hypert...

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Nutritional supplement designed and produced for every...

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Hair Care


Tonico capilar para la caída del cabello.


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Facial Mask


La arcilla se ha usado desde tiempos antiguos c...
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Facial Skin


Crema anti edad, super nutritiva, enriquecida c...

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There are no translations available. EL COLAGENO HIDROLIZADO •El colágeno es la proteína mas abundante del cuerpo (20 a 30%), formando la estructura básica de la piel,  [ ... ]

Rheumatic Diseases

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Silicon is important in cardiovascular protective role of the truth is that where the organic silicon has shown more clearly its therapeutic effects is in the treatment of rheumatic diseases. It ca [ ... ]

Silicon in the human body

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Organic silicon is capable of exerting a positive effect on many pathological phenomena: aging and tissue sclerosis (hardening), cardiovascular disorders such as myocardial infarction (heart attack [ ... ]